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All children are unique and learn at their own pace

Our philosophy is based upon Dr. Maria Montessori’s vast understanding of children and their natural tendencies to explore and become independent. Children are innately curious about the world around them, and the classroom is a place where the child is able to move freely and choose from a multitude of fascinating materials to interact with, in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that all children are unique and learn at their own pace, which is one of the reasons our classrooms have mixed age groups. Children should always have the opportunity to advance and develop according to their pace, and learning should never be stifled just because of age. 


An authentic Montessori education


Ages 2-3 
Ages 3-6
Mixed Age Group


Ages 6-9
Mixed Age Group


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Ages 3-12
Mixed Age Group


Mrs. Dayani Nawagamuwa

Welcome and Thank you for your interest in Hill Point Montessori

I must begin by expressing my deep gratitude to Dr. Maria Montessori for inspiring individuals like myself, that have had struggles in finding their true purpose in life. I received my Montessori training in 1987, and at first did not believe I was capable of being a great teacher. However, my dedication and understanding of the Montessori method grew and gave me the confidence that I could guide young students to be successful, no matter what field they chose to pursue.

Montessori education emphasizes the development of the whole child. One of my main focuses as a Montessori educator is character development, which is at the core of our values at Hill Point Montessori. Children are shaped by all the adults around them, and adults who are given the opportunity to help raise children must be knowledgeable, model appropriate behaviors and create an environment where a child can flourish, and develop a life-long love of learning. I can make this claim quite confidently because I have seen it demonstrated in front of my own eyes after my more than 30 years of experience teaching, mentoring teachers and parents, and operating Montessori schools. Theoretical knowledge of the Montessori philosophy is just enough to give you the tools to teach but in order to truly inspire a child you must have the right characteristics that will guide them to be successful individuals.

I welcome you and your children to this very special and unique school where I can say with certainty that they will be nurtured, educated and become contributors to the future of the world.


We are proud to announce that our students performed above grade level on their IOWA standardized tests.

Iowa Assessment Grade 3 Hill Point Montessori
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Iowa Assessment Grade 6 Hill Point Montessori
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Watch the videos below to learn more about our preparatory school and hear our student's 2019 commencement speeches

Hill Point Montessori

Hill Point Montessori Graduation Speeches 1

Hill Point Montessori Graduation Speeches 2


Mr. Joubin Ilbeig

We have been with the Montessori for years, and it has been the best experience for us and our kids. They really are above every other school out there. Thanks for everything.

Mr. Joubin Ilbeig

Mr. & Mrs. PJ. Sukhija

My daughter have been in this school for only two months, she has studied reading, writing addition and subtraction and so much more. I am very pleased with this school.

Mr. & Mrs. PJ. Sukhija

Fiona & Kelsey Koppenhaver

Our family is so happy we discovered Hill Point Montessori, this school is truly special!!! We’re filled with gratitude for the wonderful staff and the opportunities to have our child learn and grow in their care.

Fiona & Kelsey Koppenhaver