Patrick Foy

We have been with the Montessori for years, and it has been the best experience for us and our kids. They really are above every other school out there. Thanks for everything.

Mr. Joubin Ilbeig

Hill Point Montessori is a breath of fresh air! I am so delighted I enrolled my son here. The teachers and staff really take pride in the students and want nothing more than for them to be successful in the outside world.

Michelle and Hamed Setareh

The passion of the teachers is amazing towards the kids. I like the teaching style and the curriculum. This school seems more like an extended family that is sincerely interested in the progress of my child. It also feels really good to see the involvement from the founder of Hill Point Montessori Mrs. Dayani Nawagamuwa.

Mrs. Birva & Sachin Shah

My daughter have been in this school for only two months, she has studied reading, writing addition and subtraction and so much more. I am very pleased with this school.

Mr. & Mrs. PJ. Sukhija

Our family is so happy we discovered Hill Point Montessori, this school is truly special!!! We’re filled with gratitude for the wonderful staff and the opportunities to have our child learn and grow in their care.

Fiona & Kelsey Koppenhaver

The Year has barely begun and already I can see the happiness in my son’s eyes every afternoon when I pick him up from school. Hill Point Montessori fits our educational goal perfectly. I can’t wait for my daughter to be a part of this family next year.

Mrs. Nancy Gamez

We are very happy to discover Hill Point Montessori, The Staff and Teachers are very experienced and enthusiastic. They have an excellent educational program. Above all our son can not wait to go to school everyday.

Mr. & Mrs. Jhaveri

It’s not every day that I stop to write accolades or give a testimonial, but after looking into all our kindergarten/elementary options for our daughter Morghan, I really wanted to express how thankful we are for finding Hill Point Montessori Preparatory School. Your reputation precedes you. With the guidance of your wonderful teachers, we have watched our daughter develop before our eyes in many ways – academically, socially, emotionally and physically. We’ve learned that those she spends the most time with have the greatest impact on all these critical areas, and luckily we have her in good hands – your hands. These last few months we’ve especially started to appreciate the investment Morghan (and our family) have made in Hill Point Montessori, as we continuously watch the light bulb click in her brain – as our daughter’s age/growth development hits that stage where everything the school has been teaching her thus far progresses beyond simple repetitive learning, to connection, reason, and purpose in her real daily life. It’s a joy watching her face light up when she makes a connection or solves something on her own, when she finally sees it come together, and gets the pattern or purpose of what she has learned in the steps that she has learned them. We’ve also been impressed with the schools balanced curriculum of academics (that extends beyond the typical numbers and alphabet to studying the continents and countries/cultures within them, the solar system, animals/insects, horticulture/plants, arts-n-crafts, and the like) and pure fun – from the special instructors who frequent the school (including the drama teacher, art teacher, sports teacher, computer teacher) and special school performances. Hill Point Montessori truly is a rare find these days. Its standards in academics and behavioral sciences are only the tip of the iceberg to making this school stand out. The harmony of personalities between the teaching staff and students is unlike any I’ve seen in other schools. Hill Point Montessori is not a school for parents looking for day-care. It is a school for parents dedicated to enhancing their child’s minds and exposure to life, and opening their hearts — at their own pace. But then we did extensive researching selecting this school. Ms. Dayani, congratulations on running an excellent learning establishment. It’s clearly above all the rest! And a special thank you to the outstanding teaching and personal support that Ms. Danushi, Ms. Molly and Ms. Rodnina continuously provide Morghan. Honestly, we feel like they are like her second family – and it couldn’t make us happier.

Paul & Kathie Forslund

There are so many choices for schools in the area to include various Montessori options, however, we choose to send our boys to Hill Point Montessori because of the leadership and staff. The owners of the school are amazing people who lead with compassion and a solid understanding of the unique gift that is waiting to shine through each child. I so appreciate that Ms. Dyani is able to describe my child to me with an appreciation of his strengths and individuality. She has advised me several times on how to encourage independent growth, and her advise is always sound. Academically, the curriculum is advanced, however, allows our kids to expand their learning at a pace that is right for them. I trust the owners and the staff, and appreciate the attention that is given to safety. Recently, there was an incident at the school (one of those unpleasant things that can happen from time to time), and I was so pleased with how professionally it was managed and addressed, turning a negative situation into a positive social learning opportunity. With this candid testimonial, I want to express my continued appreciation to Hill Point Montessori for providing such an excellent environment for my children to learn and flourish. Sincerely – Reveka Grigorian

Reveka Grigorian