Montessori Enrichment Programs


Ages 3-12
Mixed Age Group

After School Enrichment Classes offered


  • Butterfly Book Club– Monday
  • Tennis – Tuesday
  • Violin – Wednesday
  • Soccer– Wednesday
  • Ballet– Wednesday
  • Hip Hop– Wednesday
  • Piano– Thursday
  • Yoga– Friday


  • Butterfly Book Club – Monday
  • Tennis – Tuesday
  • Violin – Wednesday
  • Hip Hop – Wednesday
  • Piano – Thursday
  • Computer – Friday
  • Movies by Kids (Lego Star Wars) – Friday
  • Yoga– Friday


Appreciation for music and dance enhances a child’s learning. Our dance program is designed not only to sharpen the bodily kinesthetic of a child, but also to help blossom the love of performing arts. Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop are a few genres that will be introduced. There will be two concerts every year that will showcase the children’s talent in performing arts.

theater and drama

Theater & Drama

Performing arts are an integral part of building confidence. Theater and drama will not only immerse the children in enjoyable plays and performances, but develop their public speaking skills and boost their self-esteem.