We have been with the Montessori for years, and it has been the best experience for us and our kids. They really are above every other school out there. Thanks for everything.Mr. Joubin Ilbeig
Hill Point Montessori is a breath of fresh air! I am so delighted I enrolled my son here. The teachers and staff really take pride in the students and want nothing more than for them to be successful in the outside world.Michelle and Hamed Setareh
The passion of the teachers is amazing towards the kids. I like the teaching style and the curriculum. This school seems more like an extended family that is sincerely interested in the progress of my child. It also feels really good to see the involvement from the founder of Hill Point Montessori Mrs. Dayani Nawagamuwa.Mrs. Birva & Sachin Shah
My daughter have been in this school for only two months, she has studied reading, writing addition and subtraction and so much more. I am very pleased with this school.Mr. & Mrs. PJ. Sukhija
Our family is so happy we discovered Hill Point Montessori, this school is truly special!!! We’re filled with gratitude for the wonderful staff and the opportunities to have our child learn and grow in their care.Fiona & Kelsey Koppenhaver
The Year has barely begun and already I can see the happiness in my son’s eyes every afternoon when I pick him up from school. Hill Point Montessori fits our educational goal perfectly. I can’t wait for my daughter to be a part of this family next year.Mrs. Nancy Gamez
We are very happy to discover Hill Point Montessori, The Staff and Teachers are very experienced and enthusiastic. They have an excellent educational program. Above all our son can not wait to go to school everyday.Mr. & Mrs. Jhaveri